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Blue Lugu lake

Lugu lake is located at the junction of Yunnan provinces and Sichuan provinces in china. Area of lugu lake is 48.45 square kilometers. Lugu lake is like a glittering and translucent sapphire and besets on  the Yunnan-Guizhou  plateau under the blue sky.

The beauty of the lugu lake lies in her original style. Under the blue sky and white clouds, a carpet of green grass. Pure and wide lake, a little unsocial reclusive feeling. The world is so empty, but real existence, you can’t help but mouth breathing.

The painter said: Lugu lake can not be drawn, because the water is too blue, drawn like a fake;

The writer said: Lugu lake water can be sucked directly into the pen to write poetry, but poetry can not be exhausted her implication;

The photographer said: Lugu lake scenery connotation is difficult to demonstrate by photographic lens;

The ecologist said: Lugu lake’s rich biological resources, the quality of its environment is unique, unique research and teaching practice place, it is a land of excellent summer and health resorts;

The anthropologist said: Lugu lake matrilineal family and a native-born Mosuo people culture, let the modern people puzzled.

People feel different, but one thing is identical: Lugu lake can only comprehend,can not explain in words, let the people freely imagine.

Blue is the eternal symbol. Lugu lake, bless you.

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