Return to natural open-air bath

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Guide County, Qinghai Province, is a 2,400-meter plateau ancient city. Zhacang spa is located 15 km from the Guide county, surface water temperatures average 40 degrees year-round, the highest water temperature of hot spring is up to 90 degrees;  Zhacang hot spring water quality is excellent, is said to have a significant effect, in particular, the men and women bathing customs handed down to us from our ancestors, let people feel very fresh and look forward to.

open-air bath_01

Men and women bathing spa is local customs the past few years.

open-air bath_02

mother and daughter in the treatment of rheumatism

open-air bath_03

They have been accustomed to an average of over 40 degrees water temperature.

open-air bath_04

They are friendly to tell me: they came here every day, at least lasted a week.

open-air bath_05

This guy is very generous and play a joke on me, of course I sent some small toiletries to return to their friendly.

open-air bath_06

These people are queuing up to fill up hot spring water with thermos bottle , is said to be the treatment of gastropathy.

open-air bath_07

Young girls into the water is generally not take off clothes.

open-air bath_08


open-air bath_09

after the bath the man

open-air bath_10

see me in the photo, guy friendly with a smile

open-air bath_11

Woman bathed her feet in hot water, I tried, very hot, really comfortable.

open-air bath_12

They don’t dodge my camera lens, this time I also have a sense of return to nature.

open-air bath_13

high angle shot open-air outdoor bathing place



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