A 60 years old granny likes pole dancing

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Aunt Sun was born in 1953, she retired from the Jiangsu Provincial Drug test Institute in 2003. She lived every day to the fullest after her retirement. she attend classes at the university for old age each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; she learned pole dancing each  Friday, Saturday, Weekday. When aunt Sun was asked why she want to learn pole dancing, aunt Sun introduced, she also learned Latin dance, belly dance, tap dance in university for old age, but after she saw pole dancing on the Internet, aunt Sun decided to learn this a little erotic pole dancing in everybody’s eyes, “This dance is different from other dances, it is particularly sexy, charming, enchanting, showing a feminine flavor particularly strong.”

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Aunt Sun loved the experience of being a focus. when she danced, she subconsciously chosen the middlemost steel pipe among the rows of shining steel pipe, she was proud of her slender figure and her snaky movements.

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After she enter her name for a pole dancing class, she didn’t dare tell her husband when she came home, she only said to her huaband that she signed up for a dance class outside and needed to pay tuition 1000 yuan,—Because financial power in the family was mastered by her husband. Tuition fee added up to 2600 yuan, aunt Sun paid up 1600 yuan with her private savings. she didn’t dare to approach her husband about asking for all money, she worried that her husband felt too expensive so that he didn’t agree with her to learn.

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Aunt Sun was born in Jinan, Shandong province, she has a typical northerner personality, later she grew up in Fuyang, Anhui Province, China. While she was in her teens, a perm was just catching on in China. Aunt Sun went to a barber shop for a permanent. At first,she didn’t dare to go out by herself, she looked at herself in the mirror, she watched her good face in the house.

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Aunt Sun followed her husband to Nanjing in 1984, the two were puppy love, her huaband was demobilized from the army to Nanjing at that time, they established a home in the city, aunt Sun was arranged into Jiangsu Provincial Drug test Institute. The cheerful aunt Sun was very popular at her work unit, But also because of the love of beauty and fashion dress, her colleagues had a nickname for her, “red peony “,”Venus”,”the eldest Miss” and so on. Aunt Sun loved the title of the “red peony” best in many nicknames. She had been like to wear bright, tight-fitting clothes, woman and girl, particularly red clothes. I looked at the photos of aunt Sun, she was dressed in red with a smiling face, from the 20s to the present, her body changed little.

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Walking in the street, aunt Sun often attracted people to look back. Some people said that she was a ‘fairy’, she hearded and smiled. it didn’t matter to her when she heared many of those, aunt Sun said: “as a person, especially a woman, it is a good thing to admire her.”



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