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Visit Shanghai Museum of Glass again

Shanghai Museum of Glass, I remember I have visited the museum about a year ago.

Very art very atmosphere style, formerly the glass furnace workshop in the SGC (Shanghai Glass Company). There are one year apart between my first visit and my second visit, Shanghai Museum of Glass turned from trial operations to formal operation.

The bamboo forests at the door, we have seen so much glass elements.

The main colors of the museum is black, black paint glass are everywhere.

From Venetian glass I start a fantastic journey.

London glasswork technique.

Germany, the legend of the forest areas.

From the glass-blowing to flat face, this is really a leap forward.

I like this area, the lovely glassware everywhere, made from the glass bar with low melting point.

The spider almost looks genuine, hiding in the corner of the wall and capturing onlookers’ curiosity.

From our daily life to the technology frontier, the Swiss painter-created giant mural painting makes people understand that the glass exists in every side of our daily life.

The Glass House located between the first floor and the second floor are occupied by numerous silver glass bottles, the middle section is the Pillars of VENINI that VENINI created for 90th anniversary.

Clothes and shoes

The wonderful inspiration of African coca leaf.

Sea blue. The feeling like silk is not fantasy dreamed, Sea blue is made out of the more than eight-kilometer-long glass silk.

Beautiful capsules.

The jade clothes sewn with gold wire

The people is listening to what the little bird say.

The second floor in the museum is not just the contemporary Glass Art exhibition areas.

The museum is running a special exhibition themed with ancient glass —— Qing Dynasty snuff bottles in the eighteenth century.

After about 3000 year’s development, The Chinese glassware has gained worldwide recognition. The glassware in ancient times was always the luxury because of requiring special high-temperature manufacturing condition and high technological requirements.

Not only these exquisite snuff bottles became the artworks the noble and royal competed to enjoy, the emperor regarded these snuff bottles as the things awarded.

We walk through the exhibition hall, a big red chandelier suspended from the ceiling.

This is the coffee shop in Shanghai Museum of Glass.

And compared with the museum black decorations, the coffee shop white decorations is a strong contrast.

When I pass the shop, there are many different best-selling gifts that are associated with glass.

Apple tree

The cute piglets

Hot Glass Show Hall

The first step is to take raw material from a furnace. Two thousand years ago, The invention of glassblowing given by the Syrian craftsmen is interesting.

A yellow mass is heated from time to time.

It is sort of like sugar-coated figurine production.

It heated up very quickly, the glass goes soft.

The stretching of glass.

what is this?

The master tosses about casually Frit at the high temperature.

Cut off.

A swan has no mouth.

Added Frit again.

A new beak out.

The swan is completed, the master in the face with the joy of color.

The master acts cute.

The last step is to Put the swan inside the cooling furnace.

Genuine finished product is this.

Go on.

The redcoated master begins to blow the glass.

It’s too soft, heating the glass need rotating incessantly.


Continue to shape.

what does the master do this time?

The shape of the glassware begins to reveal.

Roll a few times, it becomes sleek.

At first glance it looks something like gourds, the angular gourds.

Continue to blow.

Ready tool: a pair of scissors, a pumpkin without vines shows up.

Added Frit.

Continue to process.

It is more obedient than plasticine, the pumpkin vines show up.

Another finished product is placed in the cooling furnace.

The children favorite moment.

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