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Dating in Taipei twelve kinds of experience

Speaking of Taipei, what come to mind? a variety of snacks? idol drama? motorcycle? Before I traveled to Taipei, I also determined to eat as much as I could in Taipei. However, I came here, I found that in addition to dating delicacy, there were more variety of the unique experience in the rich humanistic temperament city.

The initial impression of Taipei was probably from the airport. The friends who understood Taiwan situation, you were familiar with Taiwan’s Taoyuan international airport. As the largest international airport in Taiwan, compared to other international airports, stripped of noise, more than a hint of quiet.

The first experience: speeding on city streets.

Sitting on the bus to downtown, along the road scenery and other mainland cities is not much different, it looked so extraordinarily kind.

When the bus entered downtown, Taipei streets came into view, the shuttle vehicles and the high buildings on both sides of the streets, there is a feeling of seem to have met before. But for those tall trees, especially coconut trees reminded me, I probably thought that I was in Beijing.

Taipei is not famous for flourish. Even in the downtown area, also appeare the outwardly decrepit building. However, this does not affect my impression of Taipei, with the old building adjacent to or across the street is a new building, this visual experience, I would be more like the seemingly devastated building, as if silently speaking about the past and change in Taipei.

The second experience: studies Taipei history in Beitou.

Beitou situated in the most northern of Taipei city, Taipei is famous for Beitou hot spring area, it is a concentration of many Japanese-style buildings. More and more tourists are choosing to come Beitou for “soaking soup” and seek the secret of the “soup” of witches.

Beitou hot springs museum is a museum of hot springs historical subjects, in the museum displayed the history of the development of Beitou. The overall building used Japanese-style wooden structure, it backs on to a green hill, the winding path leads to a secluded quiet place. Beitou hot springs museum is divided into two layers. the ground floor introduces the history and development of Beitou hot springs. the first floor
addition to a introduction of the history of the development of Beitou area, there are multimedia space and tatami area for tourists to rest, And stand in the hallway overlooking the scenery of the Beitou Park, it is very charming.

Plum Garden is the Beitou attractions of a great cultural atmosphere, here is the former residence of famous politician, educator, calligrapher Yu YouRen, displayed Yu YouRen’s calligraphy works. Mr Yu integrated into a cursive handwriting and li Script in his calligraphy, he created a unique calligraphy.

The third experience: quiet reading in the green building.

Peitou have a green building – Beitou library, it is selected as one of twenty-five the world’s most beautiful public libraries by Standing outside the library, you will know that the name is absolutely convincing.

The entire building in addition to green plants cover itself is also a wooden structure. In the forest of steel and concrete, unique, from afar, like a tree house. Read here, seems to also become more natural taste, reading has become more comfortable in natural oxygen bar.

The library uses french windows design, allow more natural light into the interior, thereby reduce the electrical energy consumption. This initiative is not only environmental protection, but also from the room directly overlooking the scenery outside the window.

Alien from the cool air in the library, the first floor and the second floor reading platform extending outward, reflected the distant mountain views, you can enjoy the oncoming breeze, holding your book, sitting in the embrace of nature, this cozy is valuable.

The fourth experience: feel like being in Kyoto, Japan.

The Beitou museum is a good japanese-style building, from the exterior view, such as being in Kyoto, Japan, the layout of this museum better preserved the building’s original appearance. The Beitou museum grows out of very famous Jiashan inn which is set up in 1920 AD, the exclusive spa hotels is a japanese officers club during the japanese occupation, now has developed into a collection and preservation of Taiwan’s early folk heritage and aboriginal art museum.

The museum can be divided into three parts; first, museum, standing exhibition; second, buddhist garden, a place offering sip tea and research tea art; third, the plow house, in addition to the cellar spa also has a Mongolian barbecue and Zhejiang cuisine.

In addition to understanding the cultural history of Beitou, also feel the quaint japanese style.

The fifth experience: taste fine dining in Wang steak.

The steak is probably about 1300 new ntd, this price compared to Beijing, a lot cheaper, the taste of food is first class, service is better!

The sixth experience: the eslite bookstore at midnight.

Walking in the streets of Taipei at midnight, is what kind of feeling? Taipei said the streets would be more quiet on Monday night and Tuesday night, the next day is a working day, more and more people coming and going on the streets on Wednesday night, Thursday began the so-called weekend, this time the street bar opened one after another, Friday and Saturday, not to mention, Taipei’s night has been extended to the middle of the night.

Even in a relatively deserted night, do not have to worry about with nowhere to go, eslite bookstore is always the best choice.

Eslite store is open until 12:00 pm, Dunnan flagship store 24 hours a day, so enjoy your leisure time, do not waste the midnight.

The seventh experience: open your eyes upon Taipei 101 building’s happiness.

I stayed at home hotle in the Hsing-Yi district, the Hsing-Yi district is Taipei’s new city center, as Taipei landmarks, the 101 building situated in the Hsing-Yi district. our hotel located in the northeast, it will take me about 5 minutes to get the 101 building, very convenient.

So the next day I opened eyes, opened the curtains, saw a towering 101 building, I am very happy.

The Hsing-Yi district centered on the 101 building, it is a big shopping area, In addition to the 101 building, XinguangSanyue, Banji department store, BELLAVITA etc. You looked out of the window and saw the World Trade Center at the foot of the 101 building. Here always have some interesting exhibitions, shopping at the same time can also take into account the cultural activities, living in the home hotel was an excellent choice.

Home hotel itself is small but it has all the vital function. Its restaurant is to take into account the functions of the bar, daytime restaurant, the evening becomes a lively bar. I sat at the counter to eat my breakfast, it is a rare experience!

The eighth experience: the ultimate Ding Tai Fung steamed dumplings

Ding Tai Fung is well-known brand to us, it’s steamed bun stuffed with juicy pork is known as ferrari of the steamed stuffed buns industry. The Taiwan steamed bun franchised store was founded in 1972, it was one of ten famous gastronomic restaurant in world on the list of the New York Times. In Taiwan, it has become the representative of traditional Chinese cuisine. Ding Tai Fung seems to be the restaurant where is a “must” for tourists, just a taste of delicious steamed dumplings.

Rigorous selection, full of juice and delicious taste, thin crust and abundant stuffing. Scrupulous attention to detail in the production is a key factor in Ding Tai Fung success, Din Tai Fung not only required near-perfect for steamed dumplings but also strive to have a certain aesthetic taste. Let the people enjoy the food at the same time, can also feel a deep sense of diet culture.

The ninth of experience: seek peach blossom in the Longshan temple

The Longshan temple is worshipped widely, located in Taipei’s Wanhua district. In addition to the elderly worshiping the Longshan temple, fashionably dressed and beautiful young people are in the majority. So can be seen, Taiwanese believe in the gods, no matter what happens, they all like to worship god in order to give thanks , praying for set aside own worries. It was said that the Longshan temple is still efficacious to strive for predestined marriage. So if you come here, is single, do not shy, ask for a peach blossom and come back, the gods of the Longshan temple will bless you!

The tenth of experience: the solemn and stately martyry

Martyry is established in honour of the officers and soldiers who died for the country. The memorial hall stationed by a guard of honour of the three services, the handover ceremony was held daily from nine o’clock to 5:00 PM, visit here, it is best to choose a whole point, you can see the complete handover ceremony, understand the army’s strict and solemn.

Building type like a Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Imperial Palace

The eleven of experience: visit the Taipei palace museum

Taipei palace museum has many stories, there is heaps of time to visit, choose wisely. Taiwan’s palace museum collection includes the essence of the Qing Dynasty Imperial Palace in Beijing, the Shenyang Imperial Palace and the former Rehe palace, etc. And antiques donated by people from all walks of life both at home and abroad, The antiques are about 700,000 germents. The museum exhibits changed every 3 months.

Undoubtedly the most famous cultural relics “Chinese cabbage” and “pork”. Forbid to take a picture in the museum, want to see famous jadeite cabbage with insects and meat-shaped stone, you should come Taipei palace museum  in your proper person.

In particular, many souvenir shops in the exhibition hall, things to sell here is not only exclusive but also very interesting and very practical. And our common souvenir shops are not the same, to better reflect the development of cultural and creative industries in Taiwan.

The twelve of experience: to feel the romance and elegance of the Shilin residence

Shilin Residence is definitely a romantic place, the Jiang Jieshi and Song Meiling residence in Taipei, seems to be retained to the present, retain their love. Beautiful gardens, elegant villas, look like a heavenly place, but it is real existence.

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