Hong Kong’s Central “forest”, the heartland of Hong Kong

the central district of Hongkong_01
the central district of Hongkong_01
the central district of Hongkong_02

The first time I became aware of Hong Kong’s Central was when I watched Hong Kong movies in cinemas. It is one of my favorite shopping neighborhoods. As the heartland of Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s Central is Hong Kong’s political and commercial center. As can be seen, Hong Kong’s Central is dotted with numerous banks, shopping malls, financial institutions and countries consulates in Hong Kong, it is the prosperity of Hong Kong in miniature. Walking in Hong Kong’s Central, prosperous neighborhoods, flashing colorful life, high-rise buildings would soar higher into the sky. The Bank of China Tower, HSBC Building, International Finance Centre, The Center building, Cheung Kong Center, Landmark mall, Jardine House (Central), the U. S. consulate in Hong Kong, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong postal service, Central Star Ferry Pier, Statue Square, Legislative Council Building, the PLA Hong Kong Garrison building etc. A large number of Hong Kong landmark buildings gather here, this builds the colorful and magnificent urban landscape. People are more dazzled and cannot take them all in with one’s eyes, people never cease to be amazed.

City Plaza

City Plaza is the largest shopping center in Hong Kong Island, there is a Central MTR station under the mall, traffic is very convenient. The world-renowned brands and a variety of high-end goods are on display in City Plaza. It is a good choice for a wide range of shopping and leisure.

Conrad Hong Kong_01

Conrad International HongKong lies in the Pacific Place, near Causeway Bay (one of the city’s bustling shopping district). Conrad International HongKong downstairs is the famous Taikoo shopping malls, walking to Hong Kong’s Central for about ten minutes.

Conrad Hong Kong_02
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Lippo Centre

The Lippo Centre, built in 1988, its height is about 186 meters. The Lippo Centre was designed by Paul Rudolph and was composed of two octagon buildings and the platform. The two buildings are forty-second floors, forty-eighth floors, all floors is divided into three. Each part of all floors with the middle protrude, adopting a multiple flat design, and is easy to install the dodecagonal window. Between the top and bottom of each section, with atrium room protruding from the multi-plane floors, that constitutes a very unique design pattern.

the central district of Hongkong_08
Bank of China Building

Bank of China Building is Hong Kong landmark building, which is about 315 meters high. It was designed by the famous Chinese-born American Architect Pei Leoh Ming, and completed in 1990. When it was built, it is the tallest building in Hong Kong. The outline of the building like the growing bamboo, which symbolizes strength, vitality, robust and forge ahead full of spirit. With a base of granite wall represents the Great Wall of China.

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the central district of Hongkong_12

Skyscrapers are shoulder and shoulder, Central allows Hong Kong to grow taller.

The PLA Hong Kong Garrison building

The PLA Hong Kong Garrison building, built in 1979. It is now the PLA Hong Kong Garrison Central Barracks. Before Hong Kong’s handover in 1997, it is the British Garrison headquarters barracks. Overall modelling unique, it looked like a small wine glass, which defenses against foreign invasion meanings.

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Cheung Kong Center

Cheung Kong Center is Hong Kong’s richest man Li Ka-shing’s Cheung Kong Group’s headquarters, which located at the junction of Garden Road and Queen’s Road. It was designed by the famous American architect LeoADaly and CesarPelli.

the central district of Hongkong_16

The traffic across through the skyscrapers.

The tall building in the middle is the Hong Kong International Finance Center, Phase II. Its height is about 415.8 meters. It is Hong Kong’s tallest building and the sixth-highest building in the world.

the central district of Hongkong_18

Tall buildings, people and cars go back and forth in the busy streets, but everything is in good order.

The Lan Kwai Fong area

The Lan Kwai Fong area located in the south side of Queen’s Road Central, which is an l-shaped narrow street between Wyndham Street and D’Aguilar Street, full of Western-style restaurants and bars on either side of the street. Although Lan Kwai Fong covers only a small area, the petty bourgeoisie taste is rich, which is the very popular land. Especially night is the subway, brightly colored, its exceedingly fascinating charm.



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