The hotel gourmet banquets at the Galaxy Macao have a particular fascination for me

Macao is a free port. It has been pursuing a policy of low taxation, you can relax and forget your troubles, freely wandering in the streets, lingering on warm beachs, shuttling to and from endless rows of European-style buildings, it is easy to savor the variety of Macao’s food and drink, eating and drinking and enjoying the fresh, local and sustainable pleasures of the table as a Macanese does, no matter where you live. All these things can combined into the characteristics of Macao.

The resort Galaxy Macao, in addition to gathering three top hotels all over Asia: Banyan Tree Hotel, Macao’s Okura Hotel and Macao’s Galaxy Hotel, and the various flavor top food.

Gosto: Portuguese feelings through time and space.

Gosto, where we eat our first meal in Macao. Having been a former Portuguese colony, Gosto can truly reveal the variety of authentic Portuguese style: whitewashed walls, azulejo plus Moore copper lantern hanging down from the dome ceiling, raising the memory of medieval Lisbon. Old photographs, wood products, ceramic and the traditional folk songs, which playing the gentle melody. Gosto can truly reveal the history of Portuguese colonial rule. It is said that the Portuguese like to eating with the whole family around a table. So it is even more special to Gosto reserve Portugal traditional style dinner table.

Festiva: enjoy a genuine delicious food.

While vacationing in the resort Galaxy Macao, which contains two meals in Festiva. Festiva is in Galaxy hall on the first floor, its entrance door leans diagonally against the casino. It is said that Festiva can accommodate up to 380 dining. Festiva offers many food to eat, food types of all cafeteria are covered from live seafood to cooked food, from China flavor to Portuguese cuisine, the spacious and comfortable dining environment, we can find dining pleasure here.

Fruit, fine food, cuisine …

Multinational food are served banquet-style in Festiva, it shows you fine asian and international dining aplenty all day. According to different design, furniture and ceilings feature, Festiva’s dining area is divided into different areas.

Terrace restaurant is western restaurant inside Macao’s Okura Hotel. Terrace restaurant serves the guests who stay in Macao’s Okura Hotel international cuisine.

Walking into the dining hall, cordial is my first impression. No sharp edges, no peculiar colors, tables and chairs look rather congruous, a taste of romantic floats in the air.

Lobster, seafood, sashimi, pastries, fruit, salad …

You can carefully select multiple foods, then any foods to go with red wine, and drunk with your friend.

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