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SKY100 HongKong’s viewing deck —— Look down below and see how HongKong looks from the air

SKY100 HongKong's viewing deck

SKY100 viewing deck can rotate up to 360 degrees, from the world’s 4th tallest building —— HongKong International Commercial Center, we can overlook the panoramic views of HongKong.

SKY100 viewing deck is a indoor viewing deck in HongKong, on the 100th floor of HongKong International Commercial Center. When I get into the building, I see first the cylindrical player, there is a stereo projection exhibition and 3d cinema on the second floor, HongKong scenic films are set to play from different angles, it shows Hong Kong’s economic development and local culture and folk customs.

English words on the wall look a little bit different, as I get closer to it, I notice it consists of a lot of Hong Kong scenery photo, very creative!

SKY100 viewing deck on the 100th floor of HongKong International Commercial Center, I will take an elevator up to the 100th floor, but there is a passageway in frond of the elevator, after I go inside, I feel a bit like a sense of entering a space capsule, this emblem is made almost completely of electric light around the wall, static images without intermission transformation, there are some introductions of SKY100 are displayed on large television screens, coupled with music, utterly dreamy.

Do you know where it is? This is inside a high-speed elevator that can bring you to the viewing deck on the 100th floor in only 60 seconds. There are four high-speed elevators, every high-speed elevator has a capacity of 15 persons.

When we marvel at it, the elevator has reached the 100th floor. When we exit the elevator, there is a transparent passageway at the door, the view of the whole Hong Kong is right under the transparent glass, these models with coloured lamp look beautiful, but many people are too timid to walk up, Are you worrying about destorying this piece of glass? Rest assured this piece of glass should be fairly firm, we see a large group of people walk through this piece of glass and nothing happens.

The height of SKY100 is 393 meters, The viewing deck area is 30,000 square feet. Just as we enter the hall, it was so much spacious than I could have imagined it would be. Standing on the SKY100 viewing deck with the high of 393 meter above sea level, the tourists can get a bird’s-eye view of the whole Hong Kong.

Nearly all people are eager to get to the window, We all want to look out of the window and enjoy the beautiful views outside. The direction I look is where the sunlight comes into SKY100 viewing deck, I can’t see clearly the distant landscape due to reflecting sunlight. Still closer, as I can see, in my right hand side is Hong Kong convention and exhibition center.

This place not only is a popular spot for adults to take their own pictures, the children are estimated to prefer here. In front of the viewing glass, — nearly all with relative descriptive text.

If I look at the distant view from another angle, that looks better in the absence of direct sunlight, I can have a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong’s beautiful harbor and the neighboring sea.

If you want to be considered as the man who can see further, the viewing deck includes a telescope, there is a charge for the telescope, the farther scene be seen by looking through the telescopes.

Many of photos from the Hong Kong are placed on the wall, there are now not just Hong Kong present photos, besides, there are lots of Hong Kong old photographs, compared with Hong Kong present photos. It is fascinating to see the vicissitudes in Hong Kong that is changing fast.

It’s such a large stuffed steamed bun, these stuffed steamed buns look like real, it is the features of Chau island near Hong Kong —— lotus seed paste buns, also called “Lucky Bun”, it is the presentation of HongKong’s folk customs —— Bun-snatching.

Since April 17, 2011, SKY100 has begun trial operation outside. Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd spent more than HK$100m to build it, SKY100 is not only the highest viewing deck of Hong Kong, as is seen from the graph, it is clear that Hong Kong International Commercial Center is the world’s 4th tallest building.

In the distance is Hong Kong International Commercial Center, it is is already high, very high.

The 101th floor of HongKong International Commercial Center introduce the world’s top restaurant, the tourists can eat a meal in the restaurant and experience a romantic atmosphere. There is a coffee teahouse, the area called SKY CAFE, people can have a rest, sitting here every day drinking coffee and enjoying the beautiful scenery outside the windows.

I go to have a look, besides purified water, there are mineral water, fruit juice, ice cream and so on. SKY CAFE is not expensive by Chinese standards.

You see this handcart? This stall is no street vendors, it is the SKY100 souvenir shop, they sell souvenirs at auction. Giant replicas of handcart based on vendor handcart in the old days.

Let’s go into and have a look, there are all kinds of souvenirs such as t-shirts, little bags, toys, stationery and so on, this souvenir shop has just about everything you need. Each souvenir is marked with the SKY100 signs.

There are so many good foods with commemorative value, The tourists can take some food home.

Most striking, those well-packaged chocolates with different shapes are so delicious that make you really coveted.

When you see this, do you see what it is? a moon-shaped scenery, you can sit on it, you take a souvenir picture of yourself, as if you are in the sky world.

There is another place to take commemorative photos with each other, the one that looks like a kaleidoscope, the polyhedron composed by the night scene in HongKong, you take a seat inside, you can take a photo of you by yourself, like being in the noisy and bustling HongKong in the night.

SKY100 Itinerary Planner shows the most popular scenic spots in HongKong, you can enter the scenery spot you desire to travel to, the computer automatically for you to arrange sightseeing routes.

SKY100 viewing deck opened in April 2011, opening hour of the viewing deck is 10:00 to 22:00 every day, tour time is divided into twenty-four sections, each section is about half an hour, but it doesn’t seem to be restricting departure time, you can indulge in seeing Hong Kong scenery at high altitudes.

If you’re going to SKY100, it is best to choose a fine and clear day, you can see the high-speed yachts and freighters cruising on the sea.

From the highest building of Hong Kong (Sky100), the tourists can take a bird’s-eye view of Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula at 360 degree angles.

I am looking the scenery out of the window from different angles.

As if this angle might see farthest, I don’t know whether I see Macao.

I am familiar with this area, I can see Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, there’s a ferry over there, and a cruise ship docked at the pier in the distance, I know it is Victoria bay, I recall that when I first arrived in HongKong in 1997, I took a night cruise in the Victoria bay, Happiness excitement’s feeling at that time still follows me today.

After we visit SKY100 viewing deck, we feel the high-speed elevators again. After we exit the elevator, we have more travelling arrangement, generally speaking, Ladies enjoy walking around the department store. The Elements Mall connected to Kowloon Station is located in International Commerce Centre.

Generally speaking, Chinese tourists like to go Harbour City and some Mong Kok department stores, in fact the Elements Mall is a very good choice, full range of brands, it is quite large for a large-scale malls, compared with other malls, the biggest benefit of the Elements Mall is less people, maybe ShenZhen customs is far from here, so Chinese tourists is not a lot.

The design for the Elements Mall is very characteristic, it is said that the Elements Mall is arranged in order of ancient Chinese theory of five elements. Five regions are divided into sectors based on gold, wood, water, fire, soil. Every area design not only embodies five elements thought, but every area also sells several categories of goods, the layout is fun. If you really like me, I do not like shopping, you might as well have a look the big department store interior design.

It is introduced that the Elements Mall has four floors, with an area of 100,0000 square feet. In addition to the world’s top brand shop moving into, there is a cinema called The Grand Cinema in the Elements Mall. Another is the real snow and ice rink, it is a children’s favourite. If you’re travelling in HongKong, you take time to visit SKY100 viewing deck, and walk round the shopping malls passingly, this really is indeed the double benefit!