Old and famous shops in Beijing Qianmen street

Qianmen street_01
China Time-honored Brand_Tianfuhao
braised pork shoulder with soy sauce

Tianfuhao was founded in three year of Qianlong(AD 1738), the founder of Tianfuhao is Liu Fengxiang who was born in Laizhou city, Shandong province in the periods of Qianlong. The craftsmanship of upper part of a leg of pork cooked in soy sauce in Tianfuhao was listed in the first national nonmaterial cultural heritage list in 2008.

China time-honored brand_one dragon restaurant
instant-boiled mutton

One dragon restaurant was founded in the five decades of Qianlong (AD 1785), this famous restaurant is engaged in Muslim food. In 2006, one dragon restaurant is certificated by the Ministry of Commerce as “China Time-honored Brand”. Operating instantboiled mutton in this famous restaurant has already a history of more than 220 years. The way of copper carbon chafing dish eating continues down to the present day. It has the following four features: choice of meat is fine, fine processing, full condiments, staple food tastes good. Called instantboiled mutton “authentic” in Beijing. The craftsmanship of instantboiled mutton in one dragon restaurant was listed in Beijing intangible cultural heritage protection list in 2007.

Old Beijing accent female hawker_Zhang Guilan

Old Beijing Beijing accent female hawk king “Zhang Guilan

China Time-honored Brand_Wuyutai

Wuyutai was founded in 1887, Wuyutai is mostly developed from Wuyutai tea shop. It has a history of 124 years.

Qianmen street_01
Qianmen street_02
Carpenter Tan company is good at making wood combs
China Time-honored Brand_Quanjude

Quanjude: China Time-honored Brand, was founded in three year of Tongzhi (AD 1864). After generations of start an undertaking and hard work, Quanjude has achieved great development. In 1999, Quanjude was identified as “Famous Trademark” by State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

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China time-honored brand_Douyichu

Douyichu opened in three year of Qianlong(AD 1738), the founder is surnamed Wang, he was native to Shanxi province in China. Douyichu chiefly boiled peanuts, rose jujube, pickled vegetables and so on. Douyichu added steamed pork dumplings in the reign of Emperor Tongzhi, it is characterized by not only thin-skinned filling full but also taste good. Douyichu has already a history of more than 260 years.

Dashanlan commercial street

Dashanlan is a famous commercial street in Beijing Qianmen street. Over the past 500 years evolution of Dashanlan, gradually developed into a commercial street, 11 industries 36 stores highly localized distribution in Dashanlan.

Xianyukou street_01

Xianyukou street was found in Ming Dynasty, it has 570 years of history. Xianyukou street gathered Beijing’s old and famous restaurants, retail shops, theaters, bathrooms, tea houses and arts and crafts workshops, etc.

Xianyukou street_02


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